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Shop Safer and Smarter This Holiday Season with a Personal Loan

After a year full of changes, there’s one tried and true tradition that won’t look much different this holiday: online shopping. Sure, you might be skipping the store and waiting in lines for deals. But, your gift list remains. There’s holiday shopping to do! And Visions has just the thing to help you make it a safer, smarter holiday shopping season: the Holiday Loan, featuring low interest rates, a locked-in budget, and enhanced safety while you’re out and about on the web.

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Benefits of a Holiday Loan

No Surprises

With a Holiday Loan from Visions, you get a low APR and enjoy predictable monthly payments in the new year. It’s a smart move that will turn you into a savvy buyer who knows you won’t be extending spending and expanding debt.

It’s an excellent alternative to online retailer credit cards that may save you a little upfront, maybe even lure you with free shipping, only to have the interest rate balloon to double digits once the promotional period is over. A Holiday Loan from Visions, though, comes with an attractive 5.49% APR* if you act now.

Establish a Budget

You know who’s on your gift list and how much you’d like to spend. Set the limit upfront by taking out that amount as a personal loan. This way you won’t be tempted to test a credit card limit that may be beyond your means.

You’ll be less likely to make impulse purchases (i.e. gifts for yourself) or splurge on holiday meals with this defined balance. Think of a personal loan as a kind of insurance against over-spending. And since you won’t be racking up debt, you won’t need to worry about the holiday shopping hangover come January when the first bills are due.


With a personal loan, you can put the money right in your checking account. That means you can use your trusty debit card to make all these purchases, which adds a default layer of security. Since you’ve established a budget, frequent checks of the balance will alert you faster if something looks suspicious. You’re more likely to be looking at your debit card balance on a regular basis as opposed to that credit card you just dusted off for the holiday shopping season.

Plus, with Visions you get local support – not some call center several countries away – if you run into trouble. This puts you in control of not only your spending, but your financial security as well.

So, shop with confidence this holiday season with a Holiday Loan from Visions. The low APR, defined budget, and added security are designed to put the consumer in control.

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Click Apply Now and select "Holiday Loan" from the "Select a Loan Type..." dropdown menu to take advantage of this Visions' Holiday Loan offer.

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