Recently engaged or just married, get the cash you need to celebrate – or earn special bonuses just for saying "I do" to Visions.

There are many ways to pay for the big day, but many times savings simply aren't enough. No matter the size of your budget, the one constant is where your cash will come from.

A reasonable, realistic budget is the essential first step. And like any major expense, good, old-fashioned saving is the best way to pay for a wedding. But, you also have to be reasonable and realistic about the bills. Regardless of the budget and plan, you'll have a lot of them.

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What is a Wedding Loan?

A wedding loan is simply a personal loan, but made with the newlywed in mind. It's also an excellent alternative to credit.

A wedding loan can cover the expenses you can't at the moment, but will be able to afford with a little time. The Wedding Loan from Visions offers great rates, terms, and even bonuses to make the debt manageable in the first years following the vows.

Why Should I Use a Wedding Loan?

Wedding loans generally come with low rates intended to take a little bit of the financial pressure off of newlyweds. In addition, Visions offers a bonus for taking the loan out as a symbolic wedding gift.

Couples with good credit will likely receive an unsecured loan that doesn't require collateral. Keeping one or both spouses' assets out of the equation naturally expands financial breathing room.

wedding rings resting within a married couple's handsWhy Not Use a Credit Card?

Credit cards, especially those with short-term 0 percent annual percentage rates, can be particularly attractive for newlyweds-to-be. It can also be particularly troublesome when you quickly rack up debt that could take many years to pay off once that promotional APR disappears and a variable rate kicks in.

A high-limit credit card may make you more tempted to stray from the budget, opting for upgrades that only cost "a little more." Remember, it will cost "a lot more" a decade from now.

Wedding loans, on the other hand, give you a lump sum to use as you need it and where it makes sense in the budget. In fact, it helps keep things on budget, as you only have a limited amount to work with.

How Should I Use My Wedding Loan?

Once you have your budget laid out, you've estimated how much money you can save, and put a dollar figure on what you need, you're ready to apply for a wedding loan.

You might want to use it as quick cash to pay upfront costs like deposits for the church or reception venue that are often due more than a year in advance. You might use the wedding loan to reserve plane tickets and make reservations for your dream honeymoon.

When you're filling the gaps, you may just want to designate a few specific categories where using the loan would be most helpful. Food and drink eat up a lot of the budget and medium-sized necessities like photography, entertainment, and flowers can add up quickly.

You might also keep the lump-sum loan for cash on hand – a "just-in-case" fund ready to cover any unforeseen costs.

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