Articles related to students and the education industry.

  • How to Make the Most of College Internships

    How to Make the Most of College Internships As a college student, I've taken advantage of numerous internships at my university and local businesses. They can be a great way to familiarize yourself with a company, industry, job responsibilities, and can even grow your network.…

  • Internships for Dummies (101)

    Internships for Dummies (101) If you're reading this, I'm guessing you're a high school or college level student who's struggling to maneuver all the expectations around graduation. What is an internship, anyway? Why do I even need one? How do I get one? These are just a few of…

  • How I Paid for Two Years of Study in Australia

    How I Paid for Two Years in Australia: Financial Prep for Study Abroad So, you've decided to study abroad? How exciting! With dreams of the adventures that await, it can be tough to sit down and think logistics. If you take the time to map out your finances now, though, you'll…

  • 4 Ways I Saved (or tried) in College

    4 Ways I Saved (or tried) in College When I was 17 my dad's motto seemed to be “stop spending your money.” But to me, spending was easy. “Saving” was hardly a word. The first time I considered cost – another new word! – was the moment my dad said, “You know, you'll end up with a…

  • Refinance Student Loans with Your Credit Union

    As student loan debt continues to climb, more and more of the nation's 44 or so million borrowers are looking for manageable ways to pay them back. The student loan refi has become an increasingly popular way to get a handle on this life expense that now looks more like a mortg…

  • College Debt is More than Student Loans

    College Debt is More than Student Loans You've probably heard some of the startling student loan statistics out there. With a cumulative debt in the neighborhood of $1.5 trillion nationwide, you may even be one of the undergraduates struggling to pay back the average $37,000 in…

  • Financing College: Use Free Money First

    With the cost of college rising every year, students and their parents are searching for more ways to pay tuition and other college-related expenses. The best sources of college funding are scholarships and grants, which usually do not have to be repaid. Students should begin ap…

  • 5 Must-Read Articles to Help Pay for College

    Scholarships and Grants and Loans, Oh My! Just as Dorothy of Oz felt overwhelmed and lost as she set out to navigate her way through the haunted forest, you too may experiences these same feelings as you go about the process of finding financial aid for college tuition. But don'…

  • Determining How Much to Borrow

    Whether this is the first year you're considering borrowing student loans or you've been borrowing them for several years, there are several questions you need to ask yourself. How much debt do you have and are willing to have? You really need to know your limits. For instance,…

  • 5 Helpful Tips to Pay for College

    Student Loans, Resources, and Free Money Preparing for college is all about choices, be it filling in the circles on a standardized test or picking which school to attend. The most important choice, though, may be how to pay for college. Full scholarships are limited. They're us…

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