Time is money. Make the most of it.


They say there’s no such thing as a safe investment, but they’ve probably never heard of share certificates. With a share certificate, there’s no risk of losing your principal and your funds can be covered by NCUA share insurance! Here’s why we think it’s a smart money move.

Like any savings account, you’ll earn dividends on a share certificate. The difference, though, is that your rate of return is based on your term length – in general, the longer your term, the higher your rate. It’s our way of saying “thank you” for your time commitment, but it also means that you can select a term that works best for you. 

Thinking short-term? No problem. How about years down the road? You’re covered. Whatever your savings needs, there’s a share certificate designed for you. Check out our rates to see how you can make time and money work in your favor:

Choose Your Terms

From as short as 3-Month Share Certificates to as long as a 60-Month Share Certificate, our members can take advantage of flexible terms with excellent rates. Once you’ve decided which terms are right for you, simply open your share certificate in one of our local branches, over the phone at 800.242.2120, or in digital banking – whichever is most convenient. 

Not a member yet? Learn about membership or open an account:

Plan Your Deposits

If you have a nest egg or lump sum you’re looking to set aside in a certificate, perhaps you don’t need to make additional deposits after it's opened. That’s great – pick any of our terms that suit your financial goals! 

Otherwise, we have three popular share certificates that can accept deposits after the account is opened:

3-5-Month Share Certificates
Budgeting for short-term goals? Set up recurring deposits from your payroll to a short-term certificate with a good rate and you’ll be on your way! 

42-Month Share Certificates
Enjoy a variable rate, a longer term, and the option to make additional deposits. You’ll notice how savings can really add up over three and a half years, especially when those savings are earning quality dividends.

Lucky Savers*
You know what sounds better than saving more money? The chance to win cash prizes, too! This certificate features a 12-month term, minimum initial deposit of just $25, and opportunities to win monthly and quarterly prizes up to $5,000 when you make qualifying deposits of $25 or more. *Click here for details about Lucky Savers.

Not sure where to start?

Use our savings calculators below to explore your options. You can also learn about saving, budgeting, and more about financial wellness using our free online resources and one-on-one financial counseling at Wallet Wellness.

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