Money matters to educators. Educators matter to us.


Educators are the cornerstone of our communities, raising and informing generations to help make the world a better place. It's that commitment to the future that inspired us to commit to their futures.

The Visions Loves Educators program was created to celebrate all the great work that educators do – all while making them stronger.


Visions Loves Educators

Grant Opportunity

Classroom Funding Project

Educators give a lot – and a lot of it is out of pocket! Our Visions Loves Educators Classroom Funding Program can provide up to $500 toward projects not covered by the school's budget. We commit over $50,000 each year, and hundreds of projects could be awarded to schools in our communities.

Exclusive Programs

Student Loan Eraser Program

We recognize the long nights and many years of education that brought you where you are today. That’s why we encourage you to apply for the Student Loan Eraser. One hundred recipients will be selected each year to receive this award of $1,000 for repayment of higher education costs. 

Educator of the Year Award

Visions honors educators who go above and beyond to support their classrooms and communities. Submit your pick for our Educator of the Year award and they could receive $2,000 and a special celebration with their school. And don’t forget to look in the mirror. That educator might be you!

Applications for the current school year close Dec 31st.

Additional Support

It's not just grants and awards. Educators can count on everything Visions has to offer. That means free and confidential financial wellness programs and classroom presentations, exclusive Summer Savers accounts, our mortgage and loan programs, advice on insurance and retirement planning, and even Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).


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