Volunteer with Visions!

Did you know that as a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative, Visions is run by volunteers? That's right! Our Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee, and Nominating Committee all volunteer their time and efforts to shape the decisions and progress of our organization.

These leaders bring diverse backgrounds and experiences from throughout our three-state footprint in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. As a credit union, we welcome people from all walks of life to become Visions members, and our mission impacts everyone in our communities, regardless of socioeconomic status, education, race, religion, or any other traits. In other words, our members don't fit neatly into one category - and neither should our volunteers and Board members!

Why volunteer with Visions?

We're more than just banking. We're community builders, friends, and neighbors. We give back to our home towns every day through our Visions Cares program, and it all starts with people like you.

Volunteering with Visions could empower you to:

  • Help lead a multi-billion dollar organization which plays an important community role
  • Support and give back to local organizations, schools, and families
  • Network with community leaders in various industries
  • Improve your understanding of financial literacy and the financial services industry
  • Connect with professional development and educational resources
  • Make a lasting impact for future generations of your community and others

As a volunteer with Visions, become part of something bigger than banking and bigger than yourself. Represent more than 250,000 Visions members who choose to invest in their communities - all while shaping our direction and impacting our future.


Hear directly from our volunteers:

"Take the leap!"

"Being able to help the community"

How to Volunteer

About our Volunteer Opportunities

  • Board of Directors

    Meet our current Board of Directors

    Our Board members, known as Directors, are elected annually to three-year terms. These nine volunteers are responsible for providing strategic and governance oversight for the organization and our CEO.

    They participate in:

    • Monthly meetings (Wednesday evenings)
    • Visions' Annual Meeting in March
    • Strategic planning session in April
    • Industry conferences and opportunities for continuing education
    • Additional committee meetings as assigned

    If you're interested in a Board position but are uncertain about the time commitment or your level of experience, you may be considered for our Associate Director position. This unique role provides the opportunity to volunteer with our Board of Directors and attend meetings without adopting the additional responsibilities, expectations, or voting rights of a full-fledged Director. Associate Directors are appointed by the Board Chair and typically serve terms of one year.

    To apply to become a Director or Associate Director, no specific background or prior experience is required - you only need to be a Visions member! There's no requirement to have specific experience working with finance, banking, or corporate leadership. That's because the strongest boards include a variety of unique backgrounds, from education to construction to nonprofits and everything in between.

    Rather than specific qualifications, we're looking for applicants who:

    1. Are passionate about community
    2. Are interested in guiding Visions' future
    3. Enjoy strategic planning and problem solving
    4. Care about the financial well-being of our members
    5. Foster a belief in and desire to champion for the credit union movement
    6. Have a willingness to learn about the financial management and strategy of Visions

    If the shoe fits and you're still reading this - what are you waiting for? Click the link below to take the next step.

    Become a Visions Member!  Apply to Volunteer!

  • Supervisory Committee

    Our Supervisory Committee is made up of five individuals from throughout our regions. They are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of member accounts and credit union assets. Collaborating with and overseeing our Auditing Department, this volunteer committee arranges independent internal audits, verification of member statements, and review of our internal controls.

    The five committee members, and one or two alternates, are appointed to two-year terms by our Board Chair each spring. They participate in:

    • Bi-monthly committee meetings
    • Industry conferences for continuing education
    • Other meetings as needed

    Apply to Volunteer!

  • Nominating Committee

    Our Nominating Committee, comprised of five members, is responsible for recruiting and interviewing potential Board members. When the time comes, they also nominate Board members or coordinate the general election, as appropriate.

    The Nominating Committee participates in:

    • Typically three to six meetings per year
    • Board or Visions events, as appropriate 

    Apply to Volunteer!

  • Volunteer Expectations

    All volunteers are expected to understand and fulfill the attendance requirements of their respective roles as outlined in the sections above. Other expectations include the following:

    • Remain a Visions member in good standing with good credit history
    • Support and uphold our strategic goals, mission statement, and core values both as an individual and as a representative of Visions in our communities
    • Maintain confidentiality and abide by all policies and governance as required by Visions and NCUA
    • Act in the best interest of the credit union industry and Visions membership
    • Attend continuing education opportunities related to the credit union industry
    • Complete NCUA's financial literacy requirement

    Learn more about Visions.

  • Application and Selection Timelines

    Interested in applying? Here's what you can expect:

    Once you apply, we'll acknowledge that your application has been received. Then, please be patient as our selection process follows an annual calendar. Between each phase in the process, it may take several months before you receive any further correspondence from us.

    We review applications and select Directors and Committee Members according to the following timelines:

    Board of Directors

    • December to February - Volunteer candidates are identified
    • April to June - Nominating Committee reviews applications and candidates are notified of their selection
    • July to September - Interviews and candidate selections are finalized and candidates are notified
    • March - New Board Term begins, coinciding with Visions Federal Credit Union's Annual Meeting, and additional appointments are made during the first month of the new term 

    Associate Director

    The Associate Director position may be available to qualified, interested individuals, including those who are not nominated to the Board. This position is typically appointed in March or April but may occur at other times as needed.

    Supervisory and Nominating Committee Members

    Appointed by the Board, these positions are typically filled in March or April, but appointments may occur at other times due to vacancies.

Ready to apply?

Simply apply to volunteer to get started - we've made our application quick and easy! If you have any questions, send us an email at volunteer@visionsfcu.org.

Please note that depending on the time of year, your application may not be acted upon immediately. Refer to the selection timeline above. We make every effort to contact you to confirm receipt of your application.

Our impact on the community's financial well-being begins with people just like you. Whether as a member, volunteer, or both - THANK YOU for supporting Visions!

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