Our mission is to Make Visions Matter

To Our Members

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We will provide value and relevance.

To Our Employees

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We will be a premier organization and provide opportunities for career advancement.

To Our Community

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We will be a leader and provide a positive impact.

Our Values

At Visions Federal Credit Union, we’re an organization with Integrity that builds Community, provides exceptional Service to all, and continually earns your Trust.


At Visions, we condemn racism, violence, discrimination, and hatred toward any person or persons. It is in our foundation as a credit union to accept and serve all members equitably, regardless of their race, social status, or financial position.

This spirit of inclusion extends to our homes and our employees, too.

We are committed to supporting and lifting up our communities. Now, more than ever, we need to come together with a cooperative spirit to support our friends and neighbors.

As an employer, we do, and will continue to treat all of our employees fairly and with respect, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, and other differences. We strive to celebrate the diversity of our employees, as they are part of the fabric of this great credit union.

All are seen. All are heard. All are welcome.

A map of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York with a star indicating the location of Visions headquarters.

We won't bore you with our entire 50-plus-year history, but our beginnings are pretty cool. Visions was founded by eight IBM workers and 40 bucks. That's right - five little dollars each in 1966 became more than $5.5 billion in assets today.

In the decades that followed, we've gradually grown to more than 250,000 members served by nearly 60 branches in three states. We're really proud of that and everything credit unions stand for.

Credit unions are not-for-profits owned by the members, which means we work for them and not stockholders. When a credit union makes profits, it goes right back to the members in the form of low interest rates, smaller fees, and dividends. Plus, our member deposits are federally insured, and no member of a federally insured credit union has ever lost one penny of insured savings.

The main entrance of Visions Headquarters.
Visions Cares Logo

But, that's not enough for us here at Visions. We take the “people helping people” credit union ethos to another level with programs like Visions Cares.

Visions Cares embodies all we do to give back, not just the millions of dollars we give to causes in the communities we serve, but through employee volunteerism and acts of kindness as well.

Over $5.5 billion in assets.
We support 500+ organizations.
Thousands of hours of employee volunteerism.
Membership over 250,000.

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Change the way you think about banking and make change in your community. You can be a part of our movement to make an impact.


Our give back goes beyond what we donate, sponsor, or volunteer for. We're proud to recognize key members of the community with programs tailored to their unique service and needs.

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We love educators and the role they play in raising and caring for our youth. That's why we created the Visions Loves Educators program to thank them for all they do! Whether it's rewarding them with grants and bonus coupons or coming into their classroom to help educate on financial wellness, we support educators.

Visions Veterans Program


Veterans hold a special place in our community, and we want to thank them for their service. We couldn't do what we do without their sacrifice, which is why we created our Veterans Program as a special way of giving back.

Visions Cares Logo


Not only do we strive to be better, we want to make you feel better, too! Our acts of kindness are designed to brighten your day, from umbrellas when it's raining to gift cards for gas. We love to show our kindness and enable yours in a number of ways.

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