Business Loans and Lines of Credit

Looking for a solution catered to your company's needs? Our lending experts work with you to create a package that matches your needs with your cash flow.

Our experts are your neighbors, so they know you and your company. They'll always put your needs first.

General Information

  • Maximum loan to value is based on loan type. Please contact credit union for details.

  • Visions requires most member business loans to be secured.

  • NCUA regulations require all principals and/or shareholders to guaranty all loans.

Financial & Supplemental Information Requirements

small business

  • Three years financial statements including income statements and balance sheets - either accountant prepared or tax returns.

  • Interim financial statements, balance sheet, and income statement dated within 90 days of application.

  • Three years of personal tax returns on all principals and guarantors.

  • Current personal financial statement on all principals and guarantors.

Business Loan Types:

Commercial Real Estate Mortgages – Long-term financing to buy new properties or plan, improve, or refinance existing properties. We offer mortgages with flexible terms and a variety of loan rates.

Business Term Loans – To finance a fixed asset purchase, such as equipment, fixtures, or vehicles. You can also finance permanent working capital for business acquisition or expansion. We offer a variety of rates with flexible terms.

Single Payment Short Term Loans – The total principal is due at a fixed maturity date, usually a year or less. Great for inventories, receivables, or specific projects.

Visa Business Cash Rewards – For information on this great Visa® option for our business owners, click here.

Lines of Credit – Immediate short-term funds to help meet seasonal commitments or carry operations during a cyclical low point. They help during cash conversion cycles. They have a maximum period of a year, and may be subject to annual review and 30 consecutive-day pay down period.  

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Visions Federal Credit Union cannot open accounts for local governments or businesses/organizations that deposit public and/or municipal funds.