Do I Need an Estate Plan?

person giving money to another personEven if you don't create an estate plan, your state has a contingency – but you may not like it!

If you don't create an estate plan, your state will.
The law of intestate succession is your state’s default estate plan for those who fail to plan ahead. In the event of your death, a court will distribute your property according to the laws of your state. Generally, the property will be passed to a surviving spouse or other bloodline relatives. Unfortunately, you might disinherit an unmarried partner, friends, and charities by leaving your succession to the state.

Your peace of mind is always on our mind.
We’re proud of the way we help our members plan ahead, even through unique circumstances. As trustee or co-trustee, we’ll administer your trust according to your terms, communicate often with beneficiaries, collect, appraise, and distribute assets, file taxes, and more.

We help those who...

  • Want to preserve family harmony
  • Have a loved one with special needs
  • Have children from a former marriage
  • Have no relatives or only distant ones
  • Want to plan ahead for incapacity

If you would like us to help review your documents and assets – and see how they currently fit into your own estate plan – give us a call or email us to schedule a meeting.

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