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Total control of your financial life at your fingertips! FinSavvy® is a free, personalized, digital financial management tool.

FinSavvy Video Transcript

FinSavvy is a feature of digital banking that lets you track your spending, create budgets, monitor your net worth, and manage your debts. You can also see trends associated with your financial wellness. FinSavvy creates a complete financial picture for you by aggregating all of your account information from each financial institution you choose to do business with.

To get started, select the FinSavvy button [located in the top right corner] within digital banking. If you are a first time user, you will need to review the FinSavvy terms and conditions [displayed after selecting the FinSavvy button], then confirm that you agree with them [by selecting the Agree button at the bottom of the page]. [This will open a dialogue to confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions. Select the Yes, I agree button to continue].

The next screen will allow you to link your accounts from other institutions. You can browse a list of popular banks and credit unions, or search for your preferred institution using the search bar. To link your account, simply select [your institution] and input your other institution's digital banking login information [in the form]. If you have multiple accounts, you can choose whether to make them visible or not. [Select the Continue button] to move on. You are free to add more accounts if you'd like [by selecting the Link More Accounts button], otherwise, just [select] done.

Your newly linked accounts will display within digital banking [at the top of the page]. Now you are ready to begin exploring FinSavvy! [End]

All of Your Accounts in One PlaceFinsavvy App

Viewing all of your accounts and maintaining financial wellness is available wherever you go. With FinSavvy® from Visions Federal Credit Union, you can easily set budgets, track financial goals, and stay on top of your finances.

Total Financial View

FinSavvy® is a digital money management tool that allows you to link all of your accounts in a single interface. Your total financial life can be categorized, charted, and reviewed to better understand where your money is going. Organize your finances to set spending budgets, savings goals, and much more!

Welcome to FinSavvy®

Organizing your financial accounts ranging from checking and savings to 401(k) and investments accounts is now streamlined and convenient. FinSavvy® is a digital money management tool, available via online or mobile banking that allows you to view your complete financial picture.

Check out some of these great features:

A Dashboard Gives You Control

The Dashboard view easily organizes your accounts, transactions, spending patterns, and budgets. Navigate from the Dashboard to any of the great features and functions on FinSavvy to manage your spending categories, set up notifications, and add accounts.

All of Your Financial Accounts in One View

Bring all of your financial information into one location. You'll see your Visions accounts, as well as loans, investments, and any other financial information you input from a multitude of institutions and providers.

Track Your Spending Habits

How much are you spending weekly on coffee? Is your savings growing or not? You can now see the relative health of the budgets you create with Bubble Budgets. Expenses are grouped by type and the bigger the bubble, the more you're spending. You can see how healthy your budget is based on a color coding of green, yellow or red. Updating and editing your budgets is easy, with a tap of the bubble, you can quickly track your money.

Notifications Make It Easyphone

Frequent and timely updates about your financial health make it easy to understand where money is going and what it is used for. With FinSavvy®, you can easily establish notifications via email and text message. Understand if that important deposit came in or if you were charged a fee.

View and Categorize Transactions

Transactions can be organized and defined from all your accounts, allowing you to see how much you spend on everyday items such as groceries, gas, utilities, and more. You control the time range by week, month, or over time.

Follow Your Money

Once you have categorized your spending, key visuals such as pie charts and bar graphs help you track spending in each category. The information is easily refined to understand the source of the expenses and what it means to your overall budget. With these tools at your fingertips, understanding your money has never been easier.

Understand What Each Category Means

Selecting a graph section or detail will allow you to learn about the percentage of your overall spending which is allocated to that category. Doing so allows you to identify habits and trends in your financial life so you can make more informed decisions.

Enrolling in FinSavvy®

FinSavvy® is free for Visions members and is easy to utilize in digital banking. Simply select the "FinSavvy" option.