donate to charity iconIt’s more convenient than ever to support your favorite causes.

Hoping to promote social justice? No problem!
Looking to help with disaster relief? We have lists to connect you!

Search thousands of nonprofit organizations and donate directly from your Visions account in digital banking. Plus, donations made through Givio are tax-deductible and easy to claim.

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Donate with Givio

It’s all-things-charitable-giving, right in your pocket. And it's all free!


There are more than 1.6 million U.S. nonprofits in Givio, including your favorite charities, religious or arts organizations, Native American Nations – even schools are available.

The Givio homepage displays cause categories like Environment, Food & Agriculture, and more, making it easy for people to find the charitable causes that align with their values.


Once you find your nonprofit, in just seconds you can tap, give, and go – anonymously, if you want. Oh, and you can pay directly from your Visions account, too.

Bookmark favorites for quick access by tapping on the star in the upper right corner, or share it with your friends to spread the love and make the biggest possible impact.


No more scouring old emails, credit card, and bank statements to piece together your charitable contributions. When you donate with Givio, it’s all recorded in one convenient place.

Registered Givio members automatically get email receipts with every gift, but nothing is easier than having every gift listed in one place. You can even download your giving report to send to your accountant. Easy, right?

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