How Does It Work?

light bulb with a solar panel in its reflectionYou still own a panel and enjoy low-cost, sustainable energy, only your panel isn’t physically on your property. Instead, it’s designed and constructed according to your needs, then housed off-site in a suitable, shared location. 

From there, the power it generates ties right back into the grid, providing you with affordable and reliable renewable energy.

So, what does this mean for you? For starters, you don’t need to keep a panel on your property or worry about owning a home at all, meaning renters can reap the benefits of solar power too. 

Even better, because the power your panel generates goes back into the grid, you can move anywhere within that grid and still maintain your benefits. Moving outside the grid? No problem. Because you still own the panel, you’re free to sell it and cash in on the equity you’ve built up.

Community solar is all about providing renewable energy solutions for as many people as possible. From homeowners to renters to the environmentally conscious, community solar makes sustainable power accessible and affordable.