Pay for your bills, purchases, and more with debit and credit cards.


As a Visions cardholder, you can pay easily online! See below for some of the handy features and tips on how to use them!

Features and Tips

How to use your Visa® debit or credit card online

  1. Make sure you're on a trusted website
  2. Select the items or service you want to purchase and head to checkout
  3. At checkout, enter your card information, including the 16-digit card number, expiration date, and CVV code
    • Your CVV code is a three-digit number that acts as a security code for your card, usually printed on the back
  4. Make sure you’ve used the correct billing address for your debit or credit card
  5. Complete the payment

With options to save your card payment information or utilize mobile payments, many retail companies and service providers offer options to make your payments even easier. Speaking of which...

Woman with a credit card on a laptop

Save your card information for faster checkout

If you expect to make multiple purchases or regular payments on a particular website, you may be able to save your card information for a faster checkout experience.

Secure options for saving your payment method include:

To update your saved payment information on multiple sites, take advantage of CardSwap in digital banking!

Other uses for your debit or credit card

You can use your card to:

  • Place an order online, by phone, or mail
  • Withdraw cash at an ATM using your PIN
  • Swipe, tap, or use your chip at merchants worldwide, wherever Visa is accepted

And with a Visa debit or credit card you have the added security of Visa, too. That includes Visa Purchase Alerts and Zero Liability Policy – which can protect you from fraudulent charges.

Learn more about our debit and credit card options:

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