Scholarships and Grants and Loans, Oh My!

Just as Dorothy of Oz felt overwhelmed and lost as she set out to navigate her way through the haunted forest, you too may experiences these same feelings as you go about the process of finding financial aid for college tuition. But don't worry just yet.

The application process for college is exciting, stressful and chaotic all at the same time. There are many decisions to be made and seemingly not enough time to make them. Where to apply? What to study? Who to ask for a recommendation letter? All of this is a lot for one student to take on, and when you bring in the biggest question of them all, "How am I paying for school?", it can almost be too much.

Fortunately, nowadays there are plenty of financial aid options for students to help get them through school. Whether they need a small sum to cover a meal plan in the dorms or they are hoping to cover a year's worth of tuition (or more), there is definitely a solution to be found–”the trick is finding the right one. Between scholarships, grants and loans, and FAFSA, FSEOG and FWS, the financial jargon can get pretty confusing. That's why iGrad has rounded up some of its top resources on the topic to break it down for you. Once you get through these articles, finding funding for college won't seem half as frightening as it used to be. Now all you have to worry about is those lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Getting Savvy With Scholarships

Taking the time to prepare scholarship applications, including writing an essay, and collecting two letters of recommendation, is worth the effort – especially when it pays!

Federal Grants Help Fund Student Dreams

Unlike loans - grants do not have to be re-paid. There are thousands of grants available to college students at the local and state levels. In order to obtain one of these grants, you must first know how to apply.

Student Loan Repayment on a Budget

Was the excitement you felt after receiving your degree quickly replaced by panic as the harsh reality of your unpaid student loan debt set in? Over 50 percent of American college students are stuck in the same boat, so know that you're not alone - and you do have options.

When Financial Aid Isn't an Option

When college students under 25 fill out their FAFSA, they're required to fill in parental tax info - even if they're footing the bill. Here are some alternatives to federal aid so you can pay your tuition.

Top 4 Tips to Help You Graduate Debt-Free

A college student looks back on her freshman year and reveals four lessons she learned about student loan reimbursement, student financial literacy, and money management. These are the top four things she wish she had known as a college freshman.

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