Looking to renovate the kitchen, consolidate expenses, or take an epic vacation? Been in your home for a while? If so, a home equity line of credit, or HELOC, unlocks the value of your investment in ways other financial products can’t.


house keys on moneyYou Only Pay for What You Use

A HELOC works differently than a personal loan in that you only pay for what you use. Like any other credit, you draw from within the limit to get what you need done quickly – no waiting for applications or guesstimating the amount needed for your project or big purchase necessary. Simply put, it’s there when you need it and you can get it fast. Think of it as a credit card with a rate and limit that happens to be attached to the value of your home.

You Can Get a Lower Rate

Unlike a credit card, you can get much lower rates with a HELOC. How? Backed by the equity you already have in your home, your lender can feel more comfortable offering a lower – in many cases, single-digit – annual percentage rate, or APR. Sometimes you can even get a low- or no-interest introductory rate like Visions has right now. This can lead to some serious savings, especially if you plan to pay the balance off in the near term.

The Terms are Yours

You’ll be hard-pressed to find the flexibility that a HELOC offers. First, there are the aforementioned rates to take advantage of, especially with a special offer like you can find at Visions right now. The HELOC offers a credit line of up to 100 percent of your home’s equity, so you can get a higher limit than a credit card offers. Best of all, the credit is yours to use as little or as much as you want over the life of the HELOC.

So if you’re a homeowner, why wouldn’t you look into a HELOC over a personal loan? It just makes sense, especially when the things you need will benefit your home. And because it’s a line of credit you use when you need it, you won’t just be well-equipped for home improvements, you’ll be well-prepared for home emergencies as well. Of course, home improvements are just one way to take advantage of a low-rate HELOC. Imagine all the things your home could do for you, then apply for a home equity line of credit.


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