Wire Transfer Services

If you wish to receive an incoming wire in foreign currency, please view this page on incoming wire transfers.

Wire Transfer Fees:
Outgoing Domestic (U.S.) (via Branch/ Phone/ Mail-In/ Recurring: Any Amount)$20 per Transfer
Incoming U.S. Dollars (U.S. only currency accepted)$15 per Transfer
International  Wire Transfer Fees:
Outgoing International - U.S. Dollars$60 per Transfer
Outgoing International - Foreign Currency$45 per Transfer

Wire transfer form and instructions

Funds Transfers to other Financial Institutions

Visions currently offers a free online bill pay service that will allow you to pay bills and also to transfer funds from your Visions account to other bank or credit union accounts.

The service is free and a checking account is required. To enroll, simply click on the Bill Pay tab at the top of your account pages and follow the simple set up menu.

In addition, we now offer an External Transfers option within online and mobile banking. This service is free of charge and lets you move money back and forth between your Visions accounts and those held at other financial institutions. Select it from the "Transfers/Payments" tab of digital banking to begin the set up process.

And, with our mobile app, we also offer the option to send funds to another individual through PayPal. The limit is $500.00 per day.  This service is offered free of charge.

Automatic Credit Card Payments

Visions offers the option to have your Visions credit card payment transferred automatically from your Visions prime savings or checking account. A form must be signed to request this service.

The forms are available at all Visions office locations, or by phone with Member Services at 800-242-2120 menu option 4.

You may also set up recurring payments to your card while logged into your account online.  While logged in, select the Transfers/Payments menu then select the options to set up a recurring transfer with the frequency and date that you can select.