You may not be able to use a Visions credit/debit card in every country you visit.

We have initiated an extra fraud prevention program to protect your credit and debit card, especially during international travel. Because of the new protection, there may be some instances where your transaction could be declined if the activity is considered extremely suspicious.

Due to a large amount of fraud, some areas of the world may have certain transactions blocked for credit/debit card usage.

Good practices when traveling:

  • Contact Visions before you leave for updates on acceptance.
  • Carry two types of cards in case one does not work or is not accepted.
  • Buy foreign currency or travelers checks before you leave.
  • Have a backup plan. Foreign banking systems are unlike ours.
  • Review your statements or accounts online.

If you plan to travel abroad, call us at 1.800.242.2120 so our fraud prevention area may monitor your out-of-country transactions.

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