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Qualified Property - Purchase Money or Refinances

Max Loan to Value - 80% of sale price or appraised value for conforming, whichever is lower. Non-conforming 70% of sale price or appraised value (example: no heat), whichever is lower. Limited Cash out refinance and Cash out refinance - 75% loan to value for conforming; 70% loan to value for non-conforming based on appraised value.

Product Type - Any adjustable-rate program (Except 100% financing, or manufactured) or our 15-year fixed vacation home product

Term - 15 Year

Escrow Account - Not Required

Payment Options - Bi-Weekly or Monthly

Minimum loan amount - $35,000 fixed rate, $25,000 adjustable/variable rate

Proof of home owner's insurance is required

Visions will not subordinate or agree to the assignment of any oil/gas/mineral rights lease to a third party.